We all have a story. What is presented on the outside rarely matches what is going on on the inside.


My main message is grace. Grace wasn’t something I knew much about until adulthood and understanding the grace of God rocked my world and transformed my faith. Until that point I struggled with a false perception of God. He seemed distant, harsh, and impossible to please. Certainly not a God I felt was safe. Through a series of events in my life, Christ centered therapy, and a lot of Bible study I have met the One True God and experienced His character. This led me to the beauty of His grace and a wide open space of freedom and abundant life, free from the constant effort to please and perform. Jesus desires relationship not performance. We are saved by grace, simply grace.

My testimony is appropriate for women and teen girls in any arena. I love sharing the hope and love that is without condition with those who are where I’ve been; in the pit of mud and mire. We don’t grow up with dreams of living a shame based, fearful existence, but all too often those are the results. Regardless of a person’s past our identity and worth are found in Jesus. I have done workshops on The Search for Significance by Robert McGee, and studied the effects of shame and fear. It is my hope and prayer to help others overcome the lies that keep them in bondage in one way or another.

The first time I met Kim, I immediately felt welcomed and loved. It’s not too often that the first time you meet someone that you feel an instant bond and trust, but with Kim it was just that! You can feel Jesus’ presence when you talk with her. No matter what the circumstance or issue I was dealing with in my life, she always reminded me of who I am; a new creation in Christ, that the past is over and I am forgiven, which was what I needed. She has truly taught me so much about my Jesus, and who I am meant to be, and I am so grateful. Kim continues to root me on in my recovery and is always there to talk about Jesus or send encouraging bible verses to me, which is something else that is important to me.
— Mackenzie Dufresne Mt. Airy, MD Graduate of Frannie’s House Structured Sober Living Program: www.Nathansridge.org

Organizations I've worked with:

  • Gaithersburg Church of the Nazarene, Gaithersburg MD
  • Little Lights Urban Ministry, Washington DC
  • Lakewood Church, Clarksburg MD
  • Difference Makers Church, Damascus MD
  • Community Bible Study, Germantown MD
  • Seven Mile Walk with Jesus, Middletown MD
  • Nathan’s Ridge/Frannie’s House Sober Living Program, Damascus MD
  • Church of Emmanuel, Foxborough MA